Thermocouple Logger
TC08 Thermocouple
Data Logger
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The TC08 is easily configured but if you’re short of time, Metermaster also supplies turn-key solutions.

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Single Channel
Terminal Board (PP624)
TC08 Single Channel Terminal Board

The Single Channel Terminal Board allows connection of a 0~50mV, 0~500mV, 0~5 VDC, or 4~20 mA signal. These are easily scaled into engineering units using the PicoLog software.

Great for monitoring a combination of temperatures and other parameters (pressure, level, load etc).

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TC08 Data Logger

The TC08, Eight Channel Thermocouple Data Logger measures a wide range of temperatures using any combination of 8 different thermocouple types. Additionally, inputs can be configured for voltage (±70mV) and scaled in engineering units. This is great for logging combinations such as temperature and pressure.

With built-in cold junction compensation (CJC), the TC08 has a temperature measurement range of -270 to +1820°C (depending on the thermocouple being used.)

The TC08 connects to Windows based PCs via USB. Auto-detection makes this a simple operation and the USB port powers the TC08 - meaning it’s ideal for measuring temperatures in the field.

Up to twenty TC08s can be connected simultaneously to one PC and controlled as if a single 160 channel logger - making it ideal for use as a large multi-channel temperature acquisition system, with a cost per channel significantly lower than other systems of this size. It’s perfect for thermal mapping applications!

The fast conversion speed of the TC08 means up to 10 temperature measurements can be taken every second. Whilst the high (20-bit) resolution ensures that the TC08 can detect minute changes in temperature.

The easy-to-use PicoLog data acquisition software supplied with the TC08 allows you to start measuring and recording temperatures quickly and easily. Its intuitive user interface makes thermocouple selection, sample rate, logging duration and input scaling very straight forward.

Metermaster can supply or advise on a broad range of thermocouples to suit many applications. These can be standard 1m bead probes or custom made, high temperature options – so feel free to discuss your application with one of our team.

The TC08 thermocouple data logger offers industry-leading performance and is an
inexpensive answer to your temperature measuring needs.
  • 8 channel thermocouple data logger
  • Measures from -270 to +1820°C
  • Automatic cold junction compensation
  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Fast sampling rate
  • Multiple units can be run on a single PC
  • USB interface
View data in graphical or tabular format

View data in graphical or tabular format - live as you’re recording or as historical files

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View data in graphical or tabular format


Number of channels:8
Thermocouple types     supported:B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T
Measurement Ranges: -270 ~ 1820°C ±(0.2% Rdg ±0.5°C)
±70mV 100ms ±(0.2 % Rdg ±10µV)
Resolution:20 bits (Noise free resolution 16.25bits)
Conversion time:100ms (thermocouple and cold junction compensation)
Input impedance:2MΩ
Overload protection:±30V (±7.5V Maximum common mode voltage)
Input connectors:Miniature thermocouple
Output connection:USB 1.1 (cable supplied)
Dimensions:201(H) x 104(W) x 34mm
Power supply:From USB port
PC requirements: Processor: Pentium class processor or equivalent
Memory(min): 64MB (XP)/512MB (Vista)/1 GB(Win 7)
Disk space: 10MB minimum
OS : 32- or 64-bit edition of Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or above), Vista or Windows 7
Ports: USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 compliant port. Must be connected direct to the port or a powered USB hub.
Accessories Included:PicoLog, Software Development Kit, Linux drivers & USB cable
PicoLog for Windows: